"It's possible to produce almost anything here."

In the radius of 20 kilometres from our studios we have acess to,

Open plains
Industrial buildings
Closest ocean is about 55 km
Areas for FX and action shootings etc, weapons and explosions with

expert licensed pyrotechnicians and safety instructors.

We have about 100 km to the closest International airport and 50 km to the local airport

South Sweden studios is owned by Svenska Film.

Our corporate enterprise group include many 

companys in different areas like media production, contract work, museum, real estate, security company.

Our movie team consists of about 72 coworkers, freelancers and fulltime workers.

In the studios and produktion section we employ soon around 250 people


TV shows

We can offer you soundstudio, moviestudio,
greenscreen studio

We can also offer a wide range of props from vehicles, to arms, uniforms etc


As one of the commercial production companies in South Sweden Svenska Film produces TV commercials for both brands and agencies.
We believe in teamwork. Whatever challenges it takes to create a great campaign, we will do. For the few months in which we work to produce your next big campaign, we are here to work together and offer our production and creative expertise.

With our huge network in the industry etc we are able to supply a huge selection of props, vehicles and reanacters, everything is possible...

Welcome to our movie cafe of 400 kvm
Enjoy a coffe with your friends in our movie cafe environment
Or enjoy a great movie in our cinema
We also have our own event and conference facilities

At South Sweden studios you have acess to
- Movie studios
- Green screen studios
- Photo studio
- Offices and workspace
- Outdoor area for FX and pyrotechnics
- Licensed pyrotechnicans
- Makeup artists
- Props & vehicles
- Catering

- Journalists

Facilities in progress;
- 6000 kvm new studio area
- Motion capture studio
- Bigger sound studio

"I'm having an old friend for dinner"

This famous line is spoken by Anthony Hopkins, he only needed about 16 minutes of screen

time to win a best actor Oscar, among the shortest performances ever to earn

someone an Academy Award in the category.

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